Create an Activity in SheetKraft Addin

An activity can be created in SheetKraft Excel addin using the following steps:

  • To create a new activity, Click on Manage Activities on the ribbon on the top right corner. This ll open a activities dialog box. Click create button to create a new activity.

OR if the Activities window is closed, we can go to the SheetKraft ribbon and Click Define Activity Button and select New Activity.

  • The New Activity window have 2 inputs-

  1. Activity Name: Enter the name you want to give to the activity.

  2. Schema: Provide the Respective Schema to the Activity.

  • If we already have a schema present, click on the dropdown and select the Schema as per requirement.

  • If we want a new schema, click on the plus button, a new window will open

There are 2 inputs in New Schema window-

  1. Schema Name: Enter the Schema Name here.

  2. Display Name: Enter the name of Schema to be displayed.

Click on Create button, a new schema will get created.

After Creating new Schema, Select the newly created schema.

  • Now click on Create button, a New Activity is created.