Import function are used to integrate with data sources like excel, text, json, xml, databases etc

Export Functions are used to create files in various formats and push data into the application database

Database Actions help in functions that helps to store files, extract files and delete data from the database .

Web Actions are used to execute tasks on sheetkraft web. The same are irrelevant for execution of addin

These functions are used to download data from web using HTTP Request, hashing the data and encoding and decoding the data using Base64.

These functions are used to send a mail and make the dynamic body using of a mail using HTML.

These functions helps us in building the logic to generate the reports and dashboards from the unprocessed input data. The functions like Lookup, Pivot etc are present in this group.

Database Explorer is used to create a database in SQL Server as well as you can execute an SQL query over here.(Only supported for MS SQL and PostGRE.)

These functions are used for manipulation, applying some condition and finding strings from the text. The group includes functions like Regex, contains text etc.

Define Function is used to create user defined custom function which are not present in Excel and SheetKraft.

This group includes functions like SFTP Function, Resolved file path etc which provides the file path of the input/output.