Sheet Names

We may encounter scenarios where we require sheet names of excel workbook.

SheetNames.SK is a SheetKraft function used to get the sheet name(s) of excel workbook.

SheetNames.SK pastes a vertical array of sheet names in specified workbook to a specified location.


  • Type SheetNames.SK() formula in the desired cell, then click on the function symbol fx near the formula bar, SheetNames.SK function Arguments UI will appear as shown in the figure below:

Fig. 1.1 SheetNames.SK function Argument UI
  • SheetNames.SK() Function has two arguments, Path and Password:

  • For example, if the excel workbook is Report.xlsx and has sheet names -Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, Sheet4, Sheet5, Sheet6, Sheet7, Sheet8, Sheet9, Sheet10, Sheet11 the path of the Report.xlsx workbook is C:\Users\QP113\Desktop\abhishek A\Training material\Miscellaneous\Report.xlsx, enter the file path in the Path argument section or if the path is present in the cell, provide the cell reference.

  • Example screenshot is given below-

Fig. 1.2 SheetNames.SK function screenshot

Link to this tutorial on YouTube: