Fill Right

Fill Right

Fill Right is used to copy a range of cells rightwards over a range of the specified width. Fill Right works similar to Fill Down, only difference being that it copies the formula from the specified cells rightwards.

Sample Data

We will consider a sample sheet containing the product, interest rate and amount. We want to calculate the Interest Amount in row 5.

Specify Number of Columns

The following shows how to use Fill Right when the numbers of columns to copy in the formula is known.

Step 1:

Create a formula which you want to apply to the whole data. In this illustration, the formula used is =B2*B3.

Step 2:

Type in the cell adjacent to the cell containing the formula(here, in C4) and click the fx next to the formula bar to open the Function Arguments pop-up.

Step 3:

In Column_range provide the cell containing the formula (B4) and in width provide the number of columns to which the formula will be copied (here 9).


Using CountRight.SK:

CountRight.SK can be used in width instead of providing the exact number of columns to add dynamically.

Link for this Tutorial on YouTube: