Resolve File Path


In SheetKraft when we run the activity which involves files to be exported, the generated files are stored in the temp folder and when the run is successful, the files are then moved to the desired folder. Some functions like RunCommnad.SK, fails since in their argument we have given the desired path where the file won’t be present at that time when the command runs. Therefore we ResolveFilePath.SK, this function gives us the location of the file in the temp folder. We can read or write on this path.


In the cell, write ResolveFilePath.SK and then click on the fx button in excel. The following window will be shown

There are two arguments to the function:

1. File Path: Enter the file path or give the reference of the cell for which you want the temp folder path.

2. Mode: There are two options:

· Read: If you just want to read the file, you will use Read.

· Write: If you want to alter the file, you will use Write.

After you enter the inputs, click on OK. You will get the temp path.


1. Before Run Book:

2. After Run Book

The above file path can be given as an input to Run Command function.