SheetKraft Version Upgrade

Follow the below mentioned steps to upgrade the SheetKraft version using PowerShell

1)     Download the patch or full version (It can be downloaded from

2)     Unblock the zip archive by going to the Properties (Right click or Alt + Enter) and click OK after checking Unblock.

3)     Keep the zip file in the ‘Patch’ folder (The ‘Patch’ folder can be found within the ‘SK_Server’ folder).

4)     Ensure that no activity is running. The status of activity runs can be viewed in the ‘Status’ option available in the sandwich menu (Top Left corner) in SheetKraft website.

5)     Open the PowerShell as Administrator. To open PowerShell follow any of the following methods

a.      Search PowerShell in the Search option in taskbar. Right click on PowerShell icon and select the option Run as Administrator OR

b.      Press Windows Key & R to open the Run dialog box. Type PowerShell and press Ctrl, Shift & Enter keys together. When a confirmation prompt appears press Yes to continue.

6)     Navigate to the SK_Server directory within the PowerShell window. To navigate to the above-mentioned directory, use the command ‘cd space full_directory_path’ (Example “cd E:\SheetKraft\SK_Server)

7)     Execute the command ‘.\ApplyPatch.ps1’ (Type the command and press ‘Enter’ key)

8)     Select the version to be upgraded when prompted (Example ‘2.15.7’ and press ‘Enter’ key)

9)     Once the version upgrade is completed, Upgrade Completed Successfully message will be displayed on the PowerShell window post which the SheetKraftActivityRunner should be restarted