Addin Installation

If you are installing on a new machine, make sure that the .NET Framework version is 4.7.2 or greater. To check this, open a Windows PowerShell window and run the command (Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v4\Full").Release -ge 461808 If this returns false you need to upgrade the .NET Framework. This can be done via Windows Update, or a stand-alone installer for the latest version of the framework, currently .NET Framework 4.8.

Note: Windows 10 users might already have the updated .net framework.

Download the SheetKraft addin Installer (only for windows user) :

1.        Download the add-in  installer file from the link:

2.       Run the downloaded exe file. If you see the below dialogue box, click on More info and then select Run Anyway.

Note: Close all your excel files before you start your installation.

3.       Read the End User Software License Agreement and then click on the check box and then click on the Install button.

4.       After successful installation, it will show a dialogue box stating Installation Successfully Completed as shown in below image

Note: In case you face an issue that "please close all the excel files"  while installation, go to task manager and kill the excel.exe, the installation will resume.

5. Now you need to open a new excel file. You would see the SheetKraft Ribbon. 

6.       Click on the login button, You would see the following dialogue box. Kindly fill all the details and then click on Activate.

7.       Your free trial would be activated, you would be shown the following image