Data From Email

Data from Email function is used to extract data from an Email.

Sheetkraft contains the data from email option which can be accessed by the Import From Button present in the SheetKraft Toolbar ( See figure).

Importing Data from an Email:

The following steps show how data can be imported from an email using Data from Email.

Click on the Import From Button and select the Email option to open the following dialogue box.

Given below is the preview of Data From Email function

In the above dialogue box, under the File(s) section we have to input the file path of our saved email, i.e. the .emlor .msgfile by clicking on the browse(which is represented by the three dots) option and if the file location is relevant to the workbook’s location, click on the checkbox and browse for the relevant workbook from where the data is to be imported.

Now we can choose what properties of the email we want to report and it what sequence it will be reported. To add any property of the email we can click on the ‘+’ sign and add the respective property. However if we do not want to report any specific property of the email we can do so by clicking on the ‘x’ sign that is accompanied at the right hand side of each property field.

If we want to report the headers along with the data from the email we can choose to check the box, i.e. ‘Copy Headers’. After selecting the necessary fields we click on ‘Next’.

We will be asked where to save the result. To save the data in the Existing Worksheet, we can input the index of the starting cell where you want to copy the data. Or we can save the data in a New Worksheet. After entering your choice, click Finish.

Data from Email is primarily used to input data from emails. When some specific data from a particular email matches a given criteria or a filter, it triggers an activity where that particular data is used as an input. To know more about email trigger visit: