Auto-scheduling a SheetKraft activity

What is Auto Scheduling an Activity in SheetKraft?

Manual business processes that are automated in SheetKraft have certain frequency of operation. There maybe some reports that are needed to run on a daily basis, some on weekly, some monthly and so on.

Using the windows auto-scheduler, an activity can be run automatically at a specified frequency. This reduces the effort of going on the SK UI and manually running the activity.

How to auto-schedule a SheetKraft activity?

Search for Task scheduler in start menu and open it.

Look for SheetKraft folder under Task Scheduler Library at the top left. It can be created if it does not exist already.

Click on Create task option present at the top right corner as highlighted in the below image

A dialogue box will open named “create Task”.

The name of the process can be provided in the "Name:" section under the general tab.

In Triggers tab > new > schedule run time can be specified according to the use case.

After that, under Actions tab, the path to ScheduleRunner.exe file must be provided (The file can usually be found in the Runner folder of the SheetKraft Server installation folder). 

Under Add arguments (optional) section, some required arguments are provided in the following form:


User ID ideally needs to be an account that only has access to run that particular activity which needs to be scheduled or a group of scheduled activities.

The User ID can be found from sk.Users table in the SheetKraft Database under the Id column.

Usually, the ID for the default Admin account is 1.

Once these arguments are provided, OK can be clicked.

Additional conditions and settings can be set in their respective tabs if required.

The activity is now auto-scheduled and will appear under the Sheetkraft folder within the Task Scheduler Library.

It can be tested once by right-clicking on the scheduled task: