Temp path

If you want to generate a file not in the desired location, you can use TempPath.SK. This function generated a file path without generating the file in the temp folder.

Write TempPath.SK and then click on the fx button in excel, the following window will open

There is only one argument to this function which is optional. If you specify the file path, a file path is returned with the specified name. If you don’t give any input than a file path will be generated with a random name.

Case1: File name is specified output:

File name : test

Output File path: C:\Users\daswa\AppData\Local\SheetKraft\Temp\26de298b-1efd-42f6-85e4-f864960bbe92\test

Case 2: No input is given

Output: C:\Users\daswa\AppData\Local\SheetKraft\Temp\8dc6d134-8e47-4ad2-a1b1-ed7413df269c