Troubleshooting Add-in

If you are not able to see the SheetKraft Add-in in your excel then do the following:

 1.       Go to file->More -> Options -> addin as shown in the below images

2.       Select Addin Option from the list of options available on the left side and then select Excel Add-ins in the Manage drop down list and click on go.

Note: There are times when excel crashes and because of which the SheetKraft Add-in gets disabled. In that case, you just need to disabled  items in the same drop down. You would see the SheetKraft Add-in over there, just select that and click on enable.

3.  After you click on go you would get the below dialogue box, click on browse button on the right side.

4. Windows explorer would open. Write %localappdata% in the address bar and press enter. 

5.  You would be shown a list of folders. Please select the folder named SheetKraft. After you go in the SheetKraft folder, you would see a list of folders and two xll files. If your excel is 64 bit then select SheetKraft64.xll else select SheetKraft32.xll and click on open button

7.       You would then see the SheetKraft addin in Add-ins available. Select the check box and click on OK.

You would now see the SheetKraft Ribbon in your excel.