Data Operations

Data Operation Functions are used to understand the data and generate the necessary reports/dashboards using some logic. These functions helps us in building the logic to generate the reports and dashboards from the unprocessed input data.

  • Filter/Sort: Filter helps in narrowing down the data according to parameters defined by the user, allowing quicker access to required information. Sorting is the arrangement of data in an ordered sequence defined by the user, to increase its usefulness for specific operations.

  • Lookup: Lookup is used to match/compare two tables against some common field(s) and extract the results pertaining to these fields.

  • 2D Lookup: 2D Lookup searches within rows and columns at the same time.

  • Pivot Table: Pivoting is a very important tool used in extracting significant data, usually from a much larger sheet, which is otherwise very difficult to analyse.

  • Stack Rows: Stack Rows is use to combine data in horizontal and vertical direction.

  • Remove Duplicates: Remove Duplicates is use to eliminate the repeated entries present in the data.

  • Case Gen: Case Gen returns all possible combinations to the given input ranges of data.

  • Fill: Fill is used to generate multiple values from an existing formula.

  • Fill right: Fill Right is used to copy a range of cells rightwards over a range of the specified width.

  • Serial Number: SerialNumber.SK function is used to get a list of numbers which has a start value and an end value.

  • Reshape Rows: For the output array, rows are accessed top to bottom. Within each row, values are accessed left to right.

  • Reshape Columns: For the output array, columns are accessed left to right. Within each column, values are accessed top to bottom.