Export Functions

Export functions are functions which are used to generate different file types like HTML,PDF in SheetKraft. We can generate the following types of files:

  • Text/CSV

  • Excel

  • PDF

  • HTML

  • PDF

  • XML

  • DBF

  • Workbook Protection

Export to Text: Export to Text function is used to export data into text file(s) as well as CSV file(s).

Export to HTML: ExportToHtml() function is used to generate HTML files from HTML template.

Export to XML: Export to XML has following argument as shown below

Export to PDF: Export to PDF is used to generate a PDF file.

Export to Word: Export to word is an export function used when the desired output is a word document.

Export to DBF: ExportToDBF.SK is used to generate a dBase Database file (.dbf file).

Workbook Protection: Workbook Protection is used to add a password to the workbook.