Table to HTML

TableToHTML.SK function is used to generate html code for a table. The generated can be used to attach to the body of a mail which has a requirement of table in the body.

The function can be accessed by typing out the formula in a cell. (See figure)

Case 1: Using TableToHTML on a static table

The following guidelines describe how the function can be used for a static table.

Step 1:

Type out the function on a cell and click on the Fx button. (See figure)

There is just one argument that has to be entered for the function to work:

Range - The range of the table to be converted to HTML string.

Step 2:

Select the range of table for which HTML code should be generated.

Once the range is passed, a html code is generated in the cell containing the TableToHTML.SK formula.


When a table being imported using DatafromDatabase or any other option has to be passed as an argument in the TableToHTML.SK formula, we use RegionDown.SK to specify the range as the number of rows might vary when the import formula is run every time.