Delete From Rows

This function is used to delete the given range from the database.

Sample Data:

We will consider a sample sheet containing some data. Our aim is to delete the given range from the database.

We will apply some filter on imported data and then use delete from rows function to delete the given range

Step 1:

Click on the More command under SheetKraft tab.

Step 2:

Click on Database Action on the drop-down list of More as shown in below fig.

Step 3:

A window will appear (Delete rows from table). Select the data manually or we can use Regiondown.Sk . If the selected data contains header then click [ ] My data has headers otherwise not needed.

Step 4:

A dialogue box will open select the Table Name by clicking on the browse button next to the Table Name

The database tables are listed in the format <SchemaName> <TableName>

Step 5:

After selecting the database table, the data in the database table will be loaded.

Select the required columns by checking on the check box. Corresponding to each column.

Step 6:

Click Next to get the data.

You will be asked where to save the result. To save the data in the Existing Worksheet, you can input the index of the starting cell where you want to copy the data or you can save the data on New Worksheet.

Step 7

After entering your choice, click Finish