About SheetKraft

SheetKraft is a patented no code rapid application development framework for process automation platform.

The core idea of SheetKraft is to rapidly setup a business process via an intuitive spreadsheet (Excel) based interface. The user can integrate with multiple systems, perform complex calculations using pre-defined functions and generate report in multiple formats.

What is its USP?

1) Pre-built building blocks are available on a spreadsheet interface that can be used to compose the logic of any process. One code-base for any kind of back-end business process

2) Integrate with multiple databases like MYSQL,SQL Server, PostGre, Oracle database, teradata in one single workbook and analyze this data with pre built functions to generate reports.

3) Reports can be generated in various formats like Excel, Text, CSV, PDF, Word etc.

The enterprise version of automation platform is currently live with multiple clients across Primary Dealerships, Asset Management Companies, Insurance firms, Brokerage houses, Payment Gateways, Banks, Exchanges etc. to help automate their back-end processes which rely heavily on calculations.