Write Array

WriteArray.SK :

The WriteArray.SK Function expands a formula as an array.

Let’s understand WriteArray.SK with the help of an example.

Example 1:- This is a sample data

If the RegionDown.SK(B2) is used it will give only the first value from column B. To expand any formula as an array WriteArray.SK function is used.

By using the WriteArray.SK formula we get all the values present in the column B.

Example 2:-

We will consider a sample sheet containing some data

We will apply Countif function with Regiondown.sk function on E2 cell to see the count of number of student present.

Now, to expand the Function into array we will use WriteArray.sk Function. In Formula we will give the reference of cell E2 which contain countif function. We can also mention height and width if required.

And then click on OK. We will get the count of Number of Student are present.

Let’s take an another example 3:-

In the example above the column G has only one value , even though the RegionDown.SK function is used. A formula like =IF(condition ,RegionDown.SK(A1), RegionDown.SK(B1)) becomes a dynamic array.

The formula could have been written as =WriteArray(IF(...)) and everything would work correctly.

A formula like (IF(RegionDown.SK(A2)>E2,RegionDown.SK(B2),RegionDown.SK(C2))) becomes a dynamic array.

So we use WriteArray.SK =WriteArray.SK(IF(RegionDown.SK(A2)>E2,RegionDown.SK(B2),RegionDown.SK(C2))) and it will work fine. Refer to the screenshot below.