Static Path

StaticPath.SK is used to specify the path of a shared folder/network folder within an Activity.

This function has a prerequisite that needs to be fulfilled to use it:

To be able to specify the first argument of this function, it is required that a record (containing Folder Name and Path) exists in StaticFolders.config file in Sheetkraft folder of %localappdata% of the development machine and on the server.

An entry within StaticFolders.config file looks like this:

<add key=“Folder:Folder_Name” value=“C:\Path\Leading\To\Desired\Folder”>

It takes the following arguments:

1. Folder Name: The value that represents the ‘key’ in staticfolders.config file (in this case: “Folder_Name”)

2. Path relative to folder: This is the complete path leading to desired file/folder. This is similar to the argument passed in RelativePath.SK() function.

Usage Example:

In this example, a folder “Folder_Name” was created within the activity package. This ensures error-free execution of the activity.

It is recommended that a replica of the Static folder is created within the Activity package before publishing; it enables the user to emulate the environment of the static folder locally.