Remove Duplicates

Remove Duplicates is use to eliminate the repeated entries present in the data. It only removes those rows for which the values in each column are same.

Sample Data

We will consider a sample sheet which contains raw data.

Step 1

Click on the Remove Duplicates command under SheetKraft tab.

Step 2

A window will appear, then select the data manually. If the selected data contain headers then click [ ] My data has headers otherwise no need. Then click OK.

Step 3

Now a window will appear containing details regarding the number of unique and duplicate rows. You have the option of having the headers above the resulting data by clicking [ ] Headers above Data. Then click Next.

Step 4

For final step, you will have to select a blank range with the options consisting of Existing Worksheet, different worksheet (click on the list down tab) or New Worksheet.

Final Result Display

In this illustration, we have chosen the existing worksheet for final result display [Sheet1!$H$1:$L$17].

Final Data

Now we have the complete data with no repetition. Total number of rows have been reduced to 17 from 24.