Format As Table

This function is one of the format functions in SheetKraft. This function is used to do formatting of the table in SheetKraft.

To access these format functions, go to the more section and then the Format tab. (See figure)

The following guidelines describe how to format structured data into a table design as desired before exporting it.

Step 1:

Select the Table Button in the Format tab to open this dialogue box.

Step 2:

Select the data range to which the borders have to be applied.

Step 3:

Choose the desired table design from the options available as shown.

Header Row: This is a default row containing the table headers.

First column: This is used if you want to highlight the first column of the data containing the serial number etc.

Last column: If the last column of the data contains some grand total like calculations then to highlight it, we check last column.

Total row: This is used to highlight the totals and subtotals of the various columns.

Banded rows and columns: These give an alternate shading effect in the rows and columns to help distinguish the data.

The data will then get formatted as shown below.