Data From HTML

Data from Html function is used to extract data from Html File:

Sheetkraft contains the data from html option which can be accessed by the Import From Button present in the SheetKraft Toolbar ( See figure)

Importing Data From a File:

The Following Guidelines show how data can be imported from a file using Data from HTML. Click on the Import From Button and select the HTML option to open this dialogue box. Given below is preview of Data From HTML Function.

The Data From HTML Function Contains Following Parameters:

File_Location:- The file_Location is the path from where the data is to be imported.

Width:- Width is the number to columns required in the result.

Selector:- Selector is the tag which is used to select the data from the HTML file. Selector is defined as $(‘tag’). In the below Screenshot if we use option as selector it must be defined as $(‘option’).

For eg: In the Below Figure we use “OPTION” as a Selector to fetch data inside the option tag.

Pattern:- Pattern is used to fetch the data inside the selector.

Pattern is defined as attr(‘attribute name’).

In the above fig if we want to fetch data for attribute “value” it is defined as attr(‘value’).

The below screenshot shows the overall preview of how Data from Html works.