Get All Files

This function is used to get all the files in a folder

Case 1:

You can use directly from the UI

More->Get All Files

Step 1:

You have to choose the folder from where you want to get the files

Step 2:

Select Current Folder if you want to Search files in a root folder only (Fig 1) or you can choose All subfolders to get all the files within the subfolders as well (Fig 2).

Step 3:

You can choose multiple file parameters according to your needs (Fig 2)

Case 2:

Directly typing the formula and providing cell reference

Note: Look at the formula explorer

Search Pattern

This parameter can help me find files with particular extensions or names

=GetAllFiles.SK($A$2,"*.txt*",FALSE,"File Name")

The above formula will get me all the files with .txt extension only