Table To Text

TableToText.SK is a SheetKraft function used to convert a table array into a single text value.


  • Type TableToText.SK() formula in the cell, then click on the function symbol fx near the formula bar, TableToText.SK function Arguments UI will appear as shown in the figure below:

  • TableToText.SK function has 3 arguments:

Note: Only CST(Comma Separated Table) is supported currently.

Let us consider an example:

We have table array as shown below:

  • We need to get the table converted into text value; we will use TableToText.SK,

o The format is Comma Separated text (CST)

o Column Names are cells C4:E4 i.e. (name, age, subject)

o Input Table range is C5:E8. If the table range is dynamic use RegionDown.SK function-RegionDown.SK(C5:E5).

  • When we view the output in the text editor, it is displayed as -