CommandLine.SK and RunCommand.SK


CommandLine.SK is used to construct CMD commands to be executed using RunCommand.SK.

It has 3 major arguments:

  1. Parser: This argument can be left blank to set the default (.net). As of now, we only support .net parser to interpret command line statements.

  2. Program: The command to be run.

  3. Arrays: The range containing individual arguments

Usage example:


To execute a command constructed with either or using other means ( such as ‘&’ or CONCATENATE), RunCommand.SK can be used.

It accepts 3 arguments (2 of which are optional):

1. Command: The command to run. Preferably a reference to a cell containing the command in text format.

2. Timeout: Optional argument that accepts a number value (number of seconds). This argument enables the user to stop the execution of the run after a set time.

3. Precedent: Optional argument that accepts a range value. This argument enables the user to define control flow within the activity where the function is being used.

It outputs the same text that appears on the command prompt (even multiple lines, if applicable)

Usage example:

Another Usage example:

Here, the command(s) to be executed are contained within the batch file: