• Validate: Validate.SK is a SheetKraft function used to validate a condition and report custom message.

  • Write Array: The WriteArray.SK Function expands a formula as an array.

  • Region Function: Region functions can be used widely across various array based functions like vlookup, import and export functions, pivot, stack rows, filter, fill, etc.

  • Extract ZIP: The Extract Zip function helps in extracting a zip file

  • Run Command And Command Line: CommandLine.SK is used to construct CMD commands to be executed using RunCommand.SK.

  • Sheet Names: SheetNames.SK is a SheetKraft function used to get the sheet name(s) of excel workbook.

  • Count Down & Count Right: We may encounter scenarios where we need the count of dynamic vertical/horizontal range, we can achieve this by using SheetKraft count functions.

  • Get All Files: This function is used to get all the files in a folder.