Contains Text

ContainsText.SK :- This function is used to check whether the provided text contains a given subtext.

The ContainsText.SK consists of the following arguments:-

Find Text = In this field we write the subtext that is to be found.

Within Text = This field is for finding the subtext within the text

Case Sensitive = It is default to False. Write true if it is case sensitive

Let’s understand ContainsText.SK with the help of an example :-

In the above example the word “Kraft” is searched within the text “SheetKraft”. So in the field find text we write “Kraft” and “SheetKraft” in the within text.

The field case sensitive is optional and it defaults to False.

The above example gives the output as false because it is case sensitive.

Note :- The functions RegexMatch.SK and ContainsText.SK are different because the ConatinsText.SK can match only the text whereas the RegexMatch.SK can do more complex pattern matching including simple text. Also ContainsText.SK is usually used within other SK functions like Select Rows. RegexMatch.SK is mostly standalone.